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Friday, October 24, 2014

All I want is for my family to be HEALTHY and HAPPY.

October 24th, 2014

At the moment of writing this post, 
I am the only one in the family 
who is
OFFICIALLY not sick. 

Being a mother, 
even recovering from 
my leg realignment 
is not going to excuse me 
from taking care of my family.

not even when I am still nursing 
a torn shoulder tendon
or a recovered bad flu.

Just in case 
you are wondering, 
there are four of us in the family, 
Mr. Shakira , the father, 
Jasmine, the eldest daughter
Alexys, the youngest daughter
and of course, 
Myself, Shakira , the mother. 

I will never dismissed the fact that
we have five adopted cats, 
Cyon, adopted from Seoul, 
Kogi ,Tinkle and Yanka adopted from Malaysia.
Not forgetting, Simba and Chuppa whom 
we rescued from a family allergic to cats. 
Bear , our juicy hamster. 
Seasons, our only surviving tortoise. 

Almost a month back , 
with the volcano eruption in Indonesia 
and our own Malaysian weather 
being more humid and rainy 
all at the same time, 
Malaysian healthcare is making 
more money
from sick Malaysians. 

Mr. Shakira (an American)  
is not fully well yet. 
He is overworked. 

Taking care of himself
as much as he can,
he refuse to take a day off 
until he almost collapsed. 
He has no time to see a doctor, 
hence I have to be the one 
to provide medications 
and make sure he takes them.
I know, he is probably 
stressed out too. 

From Chinese herbal 
to the normal modern medications, 
I really wonder if I was a doctor
in my past lives. 

My youngest, Alexys, is now
taking a course in Sound Engineering. 
I do not know how she is going to cope 
with music theory even harder than 
an eight grader.

She has been sick, with fever off and on, 
Dengue being ruled out, Amen.

Still, she is feeling tired and 
not fully recovering
as she should be.
I know, she is probably 
stressed out. 

Today, Jasmine, finally gave in , 
with a sore throat and high fever.
I was making sure that she takes good 
care of herself but I suppose, 
a truly UNITED family must 
all share their germs. 

Of course, I just pray that she will not
get another kidney relapse just 
cause she was trying to be 
so strong. 

She is in the midst of 
looking for the right college
to continue her degree.
Meantime, she is tutoring.
I know, she is probably 
stressed out. 
So here I am , 
writing this post, 
that although
I cannot walk as fast as I could 
and yes, 
I am in a truly lousy mood
but still,
 I am able to take 
care of the family.

I have just finished ordering more 
medications from the pharmacy.

Boiled four tumblers full of
cane leaves herbal drink.
Yet to collect three more flea collars
for the other three cats.

Too tired and flabbergasted to 
even try to cook anything as 
I am running out of ideas. 
Nay, I have no time
to be stressed out. 

All I want , 
for this every moment, 
is just for my whole family , 
including the felines, 
hamster and tortoise
to be HEALTHY 

 My dearest friends, 

I pray that all of you and your love ones 

with much love and respect, 

Saturday, September 27, 2014


My dearest friends, 

I have been so busy with family matter, 
me growing up challenges, etc

Today however I would like to highlight someone else's pride:

Post by Shakira Choong.

Since then, 
with the help of a few friends and an N.G.O , 
we managed to repair the flat, 
they now have beds, clean kitchen, a fridge and 
the kids are being put in proper shelter homes to be taken care of.

After proper investigations, 
it was found  that the parents are irresponsible 
with the father is a drug addict. 

Blessings be upon those who care to help
and did what they could to help the needy.


Friday, March 28, 2014


Dedicated to the FINEST,

I love you because
you are such a rare gem!

Always a gentleman,
beyond grace and patience,
Always unconditionally
giving, caring for all.

Above and beyond the host of 55.

You are wicked 

blessed am I to know you 

call you FRIEND.


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Saturday, August 10, 2013


Since I was young, 
I was never close to my biological mother.
She faulted me in not being born 
the eldest grandson,
While all the eldest welcomed me
in celebrations and jubilation.

Since I could remember, 
Daddy had always been my protector,
He listened to my problems,
worked hard to change the way we lived,
For my safety of attempted abused,
he made sure I had a room all to myself.
Since I could recall, 
I was always surrounded by boys,
I have three younger brothers 
and much later, 
a younger sister, Jac.

Since I secured a scholarship to study
in America, 
I learned that no matter how smart 
or beautiful  you are, 
There are so many others who are above 
and beyond.
Daddy thought me right,
"Never ever think the world of yourself when
you have yet to see the world!"

My dad always told me
how I was his lucky charm 
and in many ways 
since I worked very hard in whatever
I endured, 
I became more skilled at making
my own money 
and very good at saving them too.
My dad used to call me,
" The Mini Bank"
Since Dad died, 
being the eldest and feeling obligated,
I took over the role of my late dad 
to take care of my family, 
a mother and four siblings.

I always worked very hard 
as ever since young, 
I was thought to be independent ,
innovative, self motivated, self less...
a few good traits that will
lead to disasters in my life.

I sacrificed for my family until 
I gotten married at twenty seven
to a man I do not even love
but thought he loved me.

I paid for my wedding,
including the dowries to my mother.
I suffered a lot but my mother
and siblings never do enough
to help me, 
After all that I have sacrificed for them,
I do feel betrayed.
I was disowned and abandoned.

After 12 years of pure hell,
I regain my freedom and peace of mind
together with both my kids, 
he and his family took all the 
material stuffs from me.
It was worth it.

Do I feel betrayed?
Not really as I still have both 
my daughters who are my life,
They are worthy of many millions more.
Again, I was  " The Mini Bank"

Then I met Mr. Shakira 
and he is more than what I dare asked 
of God, 
He is my long lost soul mate,
this is the first time I am deeply in love.

Since July last year, he was head hunted
to work in Malaysia,
we both worked very hard to keep the
family united and strong.
Growing positively 
in every way.
The truth is 
every Chinese New Year,
I would ask my daughters and
Mr. Shakira 
if I should reunite with 
my mother and my siblings 
and finally, last October, 
we all went out for dinner.
We paid for the hefty bill.

To cut it short, 
mom asked to borrow USD10K as my sister
is in trouble, she has her businesses.
We ended up loaning my sister USD10K.
It was all our savings at that time.

As of today, 
we still have not gotten a cent back,
Mr. Shakira does not loose sleep over it
but I do as I am so tired of being 
" The Mini Bank"  !

The above is what had been making me feel depressed.
October was the reunion by December, 
I was broke.

Yes, Mr. Shakira and I were scammed by my sister.
I guess my mother was not so innocent too.
for the first time, 
Mr. Shakira and I had quarrelled.
Fortunately we grew stronger since then 
honestly, I am tired of being taken for a ride.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


It was Diana's sixteen birthday,
She was a very ambitious but vain magician,
She decided to use all her power,
to turn everyone in the kingdom into an animal,
As she desired to be the only pretty lady in the kingdom.

"Pretty me,only me,turn all others into animals!"
Poof! Everyone was turned into an animal!
There were rats, frogs
while the whole clan of loyalty Gung
became weasels including the King!

Diana was very happy
until the King decided to hold a contest,
"The Prettiest in Gung Kingdom".

Everyone in the kingdom voted for Gina,
the ugliest frog!

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